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  • Building Multiplication Fact Fluency

    ***** This post contains affiliate links***** The biggest complaint I hear from 4th and 5th grade teacher is “They don’t know their facttsssss!!!” I know it can be quite a challenge to teach students the skills they need to know in 4th and 5th grade (multi-digit multiplication, long division, etc.) when they don’t know their…

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  • The Best Math Station Activities

    *****This post contains affiliate links****** Let’s talk about ideas for math station activities and games! First and foremost, keep it simple! I truly believe that students thrive on routine and knowing what to expect. This is even more important when you are expecting students to work and function while you do small group math instruction.…

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  • Top 5 Tips for Small Group Math Instruction

    Many times, we start the school year with the best intentions to make guided math work for us. We have great math station ideas, the perfect station acronym, and great small group activities and games. But somewhere along the way things fall apart. Been there, done that, I feel ya! Here’s the deal, there are…

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  • Math Classroom Decorations…with a purpose!

    Looking for the perfect math classroom decor or theme? I LOVE classroom set up and classroom decor! Who’s with me??? Okay, okay I get it! It’s not everyone’s thing and that’s okay! It is so incredibly important to balance making our classrooms welcoming and cute, but also functional and meaningful! Over the years I have…

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