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  • Comparing Fraction Activities Part 2

    Welcome back for part 2 of comparing fractions strategies and activities. Click here if you missed part 1! In part 1 we talked about using food as a fun introduction to comparing fractions, from here I move into using fraction tiles (or other concrete fraction manipulatives) to compare fractions. I choose comparisons that guide us…

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  • Comparing Fractions Activities Part 1

    I have a confession…my very first year teaching I tried teaching comparing fractions the “right” way, and my kids just weren’t getting it. So, I just taught them fraction war instead…butterfly…cross multiply, whatever name you want to give it. Whewwww! My own understanding of fractions wasn’t deep enough to know any better. The next year…

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  • Math Problem Solving Resources and Strategies

    Teaching students to read and understand word problems is one of the most difficult challenges math teachers face. Many of these word problems are multi-step…and often times not grade appropriate. What’s a teacher to do?!? Here’s some resources that have been game changers for me when helping my students learn to be great math problem…

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  • Building Multiplication Fact Fluency

    ***** This post contains affiliate links***** The biggest complaint I hear from 4th and 5th grade teacher is “They don’t know their facttsssss!!!” I know it can be quite a challenge to teach students the skills they need to know in 4th and 5th grade (multi-digit multiplication, long division, etc.) when they don’t know their…

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