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  • Teacher vs Students Class Management Game

    Figuring out motivating classroom management strategies for older kiddos can be quite a challenge. We had practiced our procedures endless times toward the beginning of the year, had anchor charts hanging as a reminder of our classroom routines, and many, many discussions on what the expectations were. But I was still needing something more to…

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  • Football Themed Classroom Transformation

    Hey friends!!! I absolutely love doing classroom transformation and have found they work best for me during big review times. Doing transformations to review several skills allows me to use the transformation for a few days, making it well worth it. The first transformation I did this year was our football themed classroom transformation. It…

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  • Fear Factor in the Classroom

    Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! It can definitely add to the classroom craziness, but I choose to harness all that energy instead. One of the ways to do this is through classroom transformations. For our transformation this year, I chose to do a Halloween Fear Factor Math transformation, inspired by my dear friend…

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  • How to Build a Classroom Stage

    As with most of my ideas, I was inspired by my fellow #teachersofinstagram to have a stage in my classroom! After dreaming of this for at least a year, summer was the perfect time to make this happen! I showed the plans from Kori over at truetalesofateacher to my husband, who may or may not have…

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