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  • Long Division Strategies Part 1

    Ahhhhh long division! The bane of many of our existence…only kind of kidding. But on a serious note…teaching division can be some pretty rough times. BUT it doesn’t have to be that way! Many state standards now require teachers to teach wayyyy more than just the standard algorithm for long division because they want students…

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  • Top 5 Order Of Operation Resources for 5th Grade

    Order of operations is one of my favorite math topics to teach! Mostly because I refuse to let my students be those people on Facebook…arguing over a math problem and how to use PEMDAS…you know what I’m talking about… Maybe that’s not my only reason for loving it, but it definitely ranks high on the…

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  • Teacher vs Students Class Management Game

    Figuring out motivating classroom management strategies for older kiddos can be quite a challenge. We had practiced our procedures endless times toward the beginning of the year, had anchor charts hanging as a reminder of our classroom routines, and many, many discussions on what the expectations were. But I was still needing something more to…

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  • Football Themed Classroom Transformation

    Hey friends!!! I absolutely love doing classroom transformation and have found they work best for me during big review times. Doing transformations to review several skills allows me to use the transformation for a few days, making it well worth it. The first transformation I did this year was our football themed classroom transformation. It…

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