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Test Review Jeopardy Game

If you’ve been following me for anytime, you know I love a good room transformation! Especially when paired with test review! Test review can be dry and boring, so I love to bring test review days to life with a fun theme!

State testing season lines up really well with the start of baseball season! I also tend to have lots of students who play baseball and softball more than any other sport! That’s why a baseball review is perfect for this time of year!

Baseball tickets, cracker jacks, gum, and a baseball glove for classroom baseball review

You can play this up as much or as little as you want! I use this Baseball Themed Jeopardy game and have students decide on a team name with their table group. Some years, that is literally all I do! Other times I pull out my box of sports décor that’s been collected throughout the years! Tablecloths are my favorite and least expensive way to dress up any room transformation. I get mine from dollar tree! My husband donated some old baseball cards my way, so sometimes I’ll even spread out a few as a centerpiece on each table.

Cracker Jacks or popcorn are another great addition to this transformation! Lastly, I like to give students admissions ticket the day before to ramp up the excitement! I don’t usually give them many details, just tell them to make sure they have their ticket for the big game tomorrow! Click here to get a free baseball ticket template!

baseball tickets and bubble gum

Be sure to tag me on instagram @willteachfortacos so I can see your fabulous baseball test review!

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