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My Favorite Geometry Activities

Geometry is one of my favorite units to teach! There are so many opportunities to get crafty and creative! These engaging geometry projects, games, and worksheets will have your students classifying 2D shapes in no time!


Geometry art done by students using strips of paper to show geometric vocabulary
Geometry Art Project

I almost always start my geometry unit with some geo-art-metry! Once we’ve learned the basic vocabulary of different lines and angles, I have students use this knowledge to create art using strips of paper on black construction paper! They create a key to demonstrate their understanding of each geometric vocabulary term. Click here to get the key for free!

Geometry Scavenger Hunt

Looking for another way to practice important geometry vocab?  Go on a scavenger hunt around the classroom or school. Students will love looking for different types of angles and parallel lines around the room! I love to do this one using Seesaw. Here is a link to the Seesaw activity.

Hello my name is…

Whiteboard with shapes labelled with name tags
Hello my name is activity from True Tales of a Teacher

After learning geometric vocabulary, we usually move onto classifying polygons, specifically triangles and quadrilaterals. The absolute best activity I’ve found to introduce the idea that polygons can have lots of names is the “Hello my name is…” activity from Kori at True Tales of a Teacher.

We start with the broadest name tag “Polygon.” If the shape matches the rules for being a polygon, we tape the name tag to the shape. Students must justify why they think the name tag belongs to that shape. “This is a polygon because it has straight sides, it’s closed, and it’s flat.” These words and definitions need to be coming out of students mouths and not just our own. We move on to more specific names such as triangle and quadrilateral. And then to even more specific names like acute triangle, rectangle, and square. Again, having students justify why the shape belongs in that category. Students’ minds are blown every year when they realize a square has so many names!

Another thing I’ve added these past couple years is using socks to help students better understand “pairs” of parallel lines, similar to pairs of socks. You need two to make a pair! But two parallel lines is not the same as two pairs of parallel lines. Say that 10 times fast!

Square on whiteboard with name tags and socks to show pairs of parallel lines

Geometry Math Maze

Geometry vocabulary maze

Once students have practiced classifying figures with us, they need a way to practice these skills on their own or with a partner. Mazes are one of my favorite ways for students to practice skills because they don’t even realize they are working and doing math! Win, win! This geometric vocabulary maze and classifying 2D shapes maze are great to use as a station for partner or independent practice.

Classifying 2D shapes maze worksheet


Purple construction paper with orange trapezoid that looks like a person and a speech bubble
Construction paper with square that looks like a baby and speech bubbles

Getting crafty once again; have students create shape characters and bring them to life using Chatterpix!

Polygon Capture

Polygon capture is a FREE game that is fun to use as a station or an extension activity. This game is a great challenge once your learners are firm in their geometry skills! It is open ended, provides lots of opportunity for higher level thinking, and chances for students to use geometric vocabulary.

Any other amazing geometry activities to share??? Drop them below and let us know!

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